MF/IR 2003 (refereed archive)

Poset representation and similarity comparisons of systems in IR

A theoretical study of logical retrieval in terms of a characterization of knowledge revision

Computational Aspects of Connectionist Interaction Information Retrieval

Dependency Structure Language Model for Information Retrieval

Incrementally Ranking Ephemeral Web Documents in Search Engines

An Exploration of Formalized Retrieval Heuristics

Formal models for Information Retrieval. A review and a proposal for keyword assignment

A Framework for Understanding LSI Performance

Color Retrieval in Vector Space Model

An Adaptive Local Dependency Language Model: Relaxing the Na¨?ve Bayes’ Assumption

A Latent Semantic Structure Model for Text Classification

A Risk Minimization Framework for Information Retrieval

A General Matrix Framework for Modelling Information Retrieval

The unified model revisited